Praise for Cimarosa's The Secret Marriage (Geronimo) British Youth Opera
Peacock Theatre, London, 2013
dir. Martin Lloyd Evans, cond. Roy Laughlin

"Everyone's singing is a delight....Frazer B. Scott is a brilliant, bristlingly moustachioed, paternal Geronimo"
Charlotte Valori for

"An accomplished farceur, Frazer B. Scott's Geronimo was a figure crackling with self-importance..."
Michael Church for The Independent

"Frazer B Scott did very well in the role of Geronimo, he too was funny and made the role work even though he was clearly far too young (Geronimo is supposed to be old, cranky and deaf)."
Robert Hughill for

"In this strong cast, it is a credit that Frazer B. Scott and Heather Lowe still stand out, the former's canny ability as a 20-something singer to transform himself into a blustery, blethering 60-year-old".
Louise Lewis for The British Theatre Guide

Praise for Arne's The Cooper (Mr Twigg) GSMD
Milton Court, Barbican 2014
dir. Rodula Gaitanou, cond. Julian Perkins

"Frazer B. Scott's Scottish sot Mr Twigg seized the stage in his brief cameo and transformed both it and the audience."
Alexandra Coghlan for The Arts Desk

"Mr Twigg was brilliantly taken by Frazer B. Scott."
Brian Dickie

Praise for Jonathan Dove's ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio' (Pantalone) GSMD
Silk Street Theatre, 2014
dir. Martin Lloyd Evans, cond. Dominic Wheeler

"Faultless......a superb ensemble performance in which there was no weak link..."
Robert Hughill for Planet Hughill

‘Not a wooden performance in sight. The puppet show was superbly funny, with...Frazer B. Scott giving sizzling performances..."
Penny Homer for

Review of Maureen Lehane Vocal Awards 2013

"I guess [Frazer B. Scott] won the audience over with his splendid performance of Frederick Keel's ‘Mother Carey'"
Brian Dickie